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Treasure was pregnant, lost her job, and was evicted from her apartment. She had been a victim of repeated abuse and sexual exploitation. Sadly, a homeless center was the only option left for her. Despite the homeless center informing external services that they didn’t have accommodation available for Treasure because she was pregnant, she was dropped at the door of a drop-in center at 4 PM with her little bit of possessions and no plan. There she met a social worker that heard her story and wanted to help in any way she could. They called almost every shelter in the county with no luck, until they called us. The worker personally drove Treasure from Pomona to us by 9 PM... With our guidance, Treasure’s determination was impressive, especially when it came to her attending all of our in-home classes, such as parenting, domestic violence, counseling, and many others. She writes notes, asks questions, and stays after class to talk about what she just learned and how she plans to use it in her life. Still, the most important gift Treasure received was hope. With NLB and with the help of our supporters, Treasure got the second chance she deserved to find a brighter, better, and safe future, away from crisis, and toward confidence.

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