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With no stability, living on the streets, and sleeping anywhere Stefani could, she found herself masking the pain with alcohol and finding comfort in abusive relationships. Through these crazy years, she became a mother to 3 beautiful girls: Kayla, Lauryn, and Kyleigh. She started to recognize the pain and fear in their little faces from her dangerous, abusive, alcoholic lifestyle that she had once lived herself as a child. Stephanie knew she had to change before she filled their childhoods with horrible memories and irreparable damage. “This place is so much more than a shelter, this is my home, my family, a life-changing experience. Since I entered New Life Beginnings, I have been completely sober. I’ve become a new believer in Jesus Christ and so have my children. I now know what it means to be a mother and to have your children come first. My girls are so happy here. Emotionally and physically they are stronger. They have even just recently started to bring awards home from school, and my oldest tells me how proud she is of me!”

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