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Mary came to us with very little hope of getting her children back. Her children had been taken away from her and were scheduled to be permanently placed in the homes where they were living in. Nate says: “We had to leave because my mom couldn't pay for bills for our house. And I couldn't do anything to help. But I didn't give up. I tried praying to God to help us. Eventually, God did. But He rewarded us more than just that.” Mary had already been turned away from other shelters by the time she found New Life Beginnings. She had no income, too many children, and many additional reasons. Now with hard work, all of her children are back with her and happy. They are in school and doing excellent. Mary herself is in school and preparing to take the state exam for nursing. One of our purposes at New Life Beginnings is to keep families together by providing ongoing shelter, hope, and love for homeless pregnant women and their children.

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