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Karen was on the verge of losing the baby that she was pregnant with. They wanted to take Issiah away from her as soon as he was born because she didn’t have a safe place to bring him home to, but because of New Life Beginnings, she got to keep him. Karen remembered waking up to her mother crying and with bruises all over her body, sometimes on her face as well. She never thought she would go down that road. But then she met the father of Issiah. Karen couldn’t even tell you what happened but she unknowingly followed her mother's path. He was her first boyfriend. He was also a drug addict and abusive. Karen lost herself in him. Today she is very happy to have found NLB and to have us in her life. Karen has a safe place to call home for her and Issiah. She is enrolled in college for business and plans on graduating. Issiah is healthy and growing so fast. Every child at NLB will have the opportunity to learn, play, and thrive. NLB helps create a better tomorrow for the children and their families.

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