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Meet Neomi

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Neomi has been a resident at New Life Beginnings since April of 2021. Since April, this year has been a turning point as she was unhappily married for seven years and had three beautiful daughters. Her husband was extremely controlling and abusive. To mask the pain and suffering she felt, she turned to alcohol. Her life became unmanageable. Social services stepped in and removed her children from her custody. She left her husband and found out she was pregnant. Realizing she was not going to be able to change her lifestyle on her own. Homeless, no income, pregnant, now trying to keep her sobriety, and get reunified with her girls, Neomi called every homeless shelter with no luck. With little hope to spare, she found NLB. Neomi now has a sense of structure and stability. She attends AA meetings three times a week and will soon complete her outpatient program. With the help of NLB, she is looking forward to being reunified with her children and enjoy her pregnancy. After giving birth to her son, she plans on going to work as a medical assistant.

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