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Meet Jessica

Jessica’s story is a wonderful one! Jessica battled with drugs and alcohol since she was a teen. During those years she had five children, three of which she lost custody of due to drug use. She knew she had to change her ways, so she got into a sober living program and became drug and alcohol-free. However, it was already too late and her rights to her daughters were going to be terminated. On the court date of the termination of her rights, she saw our Director there whom she had met a few years ago. She explained to her that she was about to lose her children for good and that she was also seeking shelter for herself and her youngest daughter, Carolina. Our Director had her move into our program right away and 3 weeks later, we went to court to fight for her parental rights. Not only did her rights not get terminated, but she was also able to accomplish unmonitored visits, overnight visits, and eventually full custody of her daughters Jessica, Arriana, and Desiree. They are now all living at New Life Beginnings and are thriving in academics, bonding with their mom, and building a new life together with happy memories. With the programs at New Life Beginnings, Jessica continues to maintain a sober and healthy lifestyle for herself and her children.

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