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Jessica came to us scared, seeking shelter. She stated that she was at a co-ed shelter where she felt very unsafe and was desperate to get out because she did not want to be abused. She was a victim of human trafficking since the age of 18 and just recently escaped that life. She was removed from her mother’s care as a baby due to drug use. Since she was an infant, she bounced around from shelter to shelter never having anyone to truly love and care for her. As Jessica became an adult, she knew that she deserved better and reached out for help. She found New Life Beginnings with the help of a friend. New Life Beginnings helps single, pregnant, and parenting mothers but nobody else was willing to help Jessica, so we took her into our program. During her time here, she got job training and was able to find housing for victims of human trafficking where she will also be provided with other resources so that she may live a better life.

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