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For nearly three weeks, after she was forced to leave her apartment, Shiree and her 3-year old daughter, Jakiyah, called a bush in a park home. Shiree was 8 months pregnant, desperate, and homeless. Because she was pregnant, no other shelter would take her. “The weather had been so cold and we were so scared. I would hold Jakiyah so close to me to keep her warm and safe. She would have to be quiet so that no one would discover us.” Then she found New Life Beginnings. Had anyone reported Shiree, she would have lost the little she had left and loved: her children. “My daughter and I lived under a bush in a local park. Now we call New Life Beginnings home.” Jakiyah has become a big sister who loves to help her mother take care of her baby brother. Her most cherished and important job is to choose JV's clothes and help her mother dress him. Residing in our Mothers Home has allowed our women to give birth with dignity and keep all of their children safe while making tremendous strides to accomplish their goals.

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