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Delilah & N'Aveh

Meet Delilah and her daughter N’Veah. When Delilah came to our program, she felt scared and lost. Since she was a child, she spent years in and out of foster care. Her parents were alcoholics and could not care for her. At a young age, she turned to drugs and was in unhealthy relationships for years. While on the streets, she solicited herself for money and became pregnant with her daughter. She got herself clean when she had her daughter but then got back into a bad relationship and ended up with an open DCFS case because of domestic violence. Delilah knew she had to make changes in her life in order to keep her daughter. She called New Life Beginnings looking for shelter because she was sleeping in her car with her daughter and had no money to rent a motel room. She was afraid that child services was going to take N’Veah out of her care. With the help of New Life Beginnings, Delilah was able to have her case closed, completed domestic violence classes and was promoted to a live-in staff position because she did so well in the program. Delilah also applied to college, which is something she always wanted to do. She was able to get low-income housing and a job, which made Delilah proud of herself. She now knows that she never has to return to her old lifestyle. At New Life Beginnings, Delilah found God and developed a relationship with Him and her life is the best it’s been in many years.

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