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Daffanie came to us with her two young daughters, Kathi and Lacy. She was in an unhealthy relationship and knew she had to get out of it to keep her and her children safe. She stayed at a different shelter while she was pregnant but had stayed the maximum amount of time and had nowhere to go. Her mom was ill and lived in a small place where she could not go so she reached out to New Life Beginnings and moved in a few days before Christmas. We were able to gather several gifts for her family to enjoy. During the time Daffanie has been here, she has accomplished so much. She did so well in our program that we promoted her to a live-in staff position. She was able to attend CNA school and even got herself a job at her internship site. She saved up enough money for a car that she desperately needed and has now saved up enough money to look for an apartment for her family. When Daffanie came to us, she was very shy, scared, and confused. Now, she is a hard working, independent person ready for anything because of the love and support she has been given here at New Life.

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